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Stratford Schools (Primary & Secondary)

The two educational institutions in the community are Stratford National School ( and Stratford College ( collectively known as Stratford Schools. We share a common ethos, campus, many facilities and some staff.


Stratford National School

Stratford National School Mission Statement

“Stratford National School commits itself to its constitutional responsibility of providing a thriving Jewish school, where children of all denominations and none, can together develop spiritually, intellectually, physically, creatively and socially.

Stratford National School furthermore commits itself to promoting an atmosphere of tolerance and celebration of difference, mutual respect and understanding, thus providing our pupils with a positive model for life in a pluralist society.

The School aims to always provide an atmosphere of warmth and understanding where pupils will be happy and enjoy learning in pleasant, supportive surroundings.

We welcome and encourage constructive communication between parents and teachers, in our shared commitment to our children’s welfare”.

Stratford National School is Ireland’s only Jewish Primary School and has a multi-denominational enrolment. We currently have four mainstream class teachers and a Learning Support Teacher. The present class arrangements see Junior and Senior Infants taught as a combined group, as are First and Second, Third and Fourth and Fifth and Sixth.

The secular programme followed by the school is the official curriculum of the Department of Education & Skills. A separate team of teachers teach Hebrew Studies to our Jewish pupils each day, while Catholic pupils can study the official Catholic Religious Programme before school commences at 10.05am.

Ms Claire Harrington Principal


Stratford College

Stratford College is a co-educational, fee-paying secondary school in Rathgar, Dublin 6.

Originally founded by the Jewish community in 1954, today the school welcomes students of all faiths and none. This commitment to cultural and religious diversity is what makes our school truly unique.

Our mission is to provide a teaching and learning community committed to quality and excellence in education. We educate our students in an inclusive academic environment which fosters a sense of personal and academic achievement, respect for diversity and service to the community.

Stratford’s key qualities are reflected in an atmosphere of kindness and tolerance. Here, our students are valued as uniquely talented while also being taught the values of inclusiveness and a love of learning.

Stratford is a progressive and innovative school where we work to promote the highest standards of teaching and learning. Our teachers embrace new teaching methodologies, curriculum reform and educational initiatives for the benefit of our students.

Stratford College is a community and it is the members of that community that make it such a vibrant and enjoyable place to be. Our pupils and teachers, and their families all have a role in shaping the school.



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1 Zion Road, Rathgar. Dublin 6. Ireland
Tel: +353 1 492 2315