The Irish Jewish Family History Database has been compiled by Stuart Rosenblatt P.C. FGSI. and contains information on over 46,500 individuals who lived in Ireland between 1700 and the present day. (as on 12/2011)

Individual entries cover over 70 fields of information ranging from date and place of birth, school, marriage and occupation details where available as well as links to parents, children and siblings.
For those who died in Ireland, Belfast, Dublin Limerick and Cork, the burial plot is listed making easier access when visiting the grounds. Also listed are Hebrew names and dates.

The most important discovery is the Alien registration records of 1914-1922 when non-national (non-British subjects) had to register with the police. An exciting find was the Ada Shillman birth register of the 1800 births she delivered,. The 16 volumes on Irish Jewry are available in the Irish Jewish Museum, National Archives, National Archives Dublin with copies of Belfast and Cork communities .

The 1901 and 1911 census covering the 32 counties of Jewish Ireland are listed as well as 10,000 school enrolment records await your discovery.

Most family details are in family tree format and await your discovery.

You are encouraged to make personal contact with the Archivist, Stuart Rosenblatt “The fountain of all knowledge about the Jews of Ireland” according to the Irish Times, An Irishman’s Diary by Frank Mc Nally. where you will be very welcomed

The Irish Jewish Genealogical Society

Stuart Rosenblatt P.C. FGSI (2005) Jasonia Centre. 76, Dame Street Dublin 2, Ireland Email:
Phone: + 353 1 677 3808

Author of “The Yidiot’s Guide to Irish Jewish Ancestry” 2011

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